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Unlimited Leisure Holding B.V. provides a unique integral solution for any kind of amusement park and mixed-use development.

The investment policy focuses on companies showing the right balance between competence and ambition. These companies mostly provide high-tech solutions and always approach market demands in an innovative way.  As a result, they are rapidly growing to market leading positions or have already achieved the same. The requirement of a mutually beneficial synergy between the subsidiary companies is another important part of the overall strategy. This significantly enhances the total scope of services and deliverables offered. www.unlimitedleisure.com

New investment opportunities are now offered through its investment vehicle www.unlimitedleisure-invest.com.

The first bonds emission by Unlimited Leisure Invest B.V. is focused on the subsidiary company Unlimited Snow Development B.V. for the finance of mainly machine room installations www.snow.biz 

The machine rooms with integral climate, snow and ice technology are the core of any snow park. They are built completely prefab in the factory on connecting steel skids to be easily moved for a quick onsite installation in any location. TUV approved and tested in the factory and have a proven life span of 20+ years. 

Unlimited Snow is the worldwide leading and only one-stop-shop providing best solutions for all imaginable snow & ice leisure experiences. US provides partnership and total peace of mind from concept through operations. It is known for its creativity and its own developed franchised IP www.snowparkmarmots.com which is offered on license and franchise basis by sister company Unlimited Leisure Licensing B.V.

Bond particulars:

  • Term 3-year interest-only
  • Interesting 8,5% interest per year
  • Quarterly interest payment
  • 100% payback at the end of 3 years
  • Secure buy-in for 225% covered by lien machine room installation
  • Oversight by Foundation Bond Owners Unlimited Leisure Invest
  • Issue of total € 2 million at € 500 per bond
  • For documentation and direct purchase: www.unlimitedleisure-invest.com


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