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Ice and ski furniture

Synthetic ice furniture with amazing ice cool effects creates a unique atmosphere and is suitable for all settings and interiors. Clever positioning of high-performance LED lighting makes the ice furniture an eye catcher. The unique bar systems can be customised using ice effect blocks made of transparent plastic with a cool design. The flexible interlocking modular system offers fascinating and unlimited possibilities.


Ski and Snowboard Furniture made to order from materials that were destined to clog landfills. All the products are hand fitted and finished. No two are quite alike. Wood bases are constructed with arsenic-free 40 pressure treated lumber and finished with premium paints and stains. Stainless and galvanized hardware is used on outdoor furniture to prevent rust. The continuous turnover of equipment of the sports industry leaves manufacturers and ski shops with an immense amount of product that isn’t suitable for its intended use. Every year, tons of industry discards are saved from becoming solid waste.

Indoor snow development