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Snow Journey

Snow Journey

“Snow Journey” is a special franchised one way walkthrough experience, whereby visitors make a discovery tour to several Alpine countries. Each country is themed with specific national landmarks and sceneries and contains a number of fun snow & ice rides and attractions. Entrance and exit is through the merchandising shop. The reception is themed as airport check-in counters, where people purchase their flight tickets to the Alps. Subsequently they pass through a 4D theatre for a virtual flight to Innsbruck airport.

After the touch down they enter the arrival hall, where they are provided with warm boots and clothing. After visiting Austria they cross the Brenner pass to Italy. The Mont Blanc tunnel leads to France and a lift cabin ride takes them to Switzerland. The journey ends in Germany. Each time they cross the border their virtual passport is stamped. With magic icicles visitors can go on a quest to search for clues, solve puzzles, trigger special effects, collect points and more throughout the whole facility as an additional Alps edutainment experience.


June 28, 2016