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“Snowplay” is an amazing snow & ice amusement park for kids of all ages with over 50 possible different attractions.

It can include various snow mountain slides, toboggan runs, kids snowmobiling, snowball arena, snowball challenge, rotating snow tubing disc, snow laser games, snow diggers, snow play, snow carousel, snow zorbing, snow volleyball, snow soccer, ice bowl, ice wave slide, snow golf, adventure mini golf on ice, bumper cars and alpine curling on ice, human curling, ice skating & hockey, ice bars, ice maze, real or synthetic ice climbing, ice carving, glacier walk, caving, ice sculptures exhibition, mining, Santa’s grotto, high ropes course with thrill jump, bob run, straight or rollercoaster zipline, roll glider, ski jumping simulator, snowball carousel, (rein)deer rodeo, snowman wrestling, glass igloo bars, as well as winter themed storytelling, photo booth, soft play, adventure tower, dark ride, train ride, human pinball, ski cabin lift ride, and more.

Besides permanent facilities there are also possible re-locatable or touring SnowPlay structures available.


June 28, 2016