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Miko’s World

Miko’s World

Miko’s World is also available as a “Plug and Play” concept that can be easily implemented in any mall or event location without the requirement of costly alterations and cooling. The only requirement is an empty building or tent, with normal airconditioned temperature, with standard utilities. Miko’s World includes everything an attraction needs, including ticketing, F&B and merchandise shop. Miko’s World can be developed to fit any size. To get you inspired we developed several examples:

Miko’s mall of 600 m², 1200 m² 2400 m² and 5000 m². (6500/13000/25800/53800 sq.ft)

Attractions in Miko’s World are easy to change or to update, which keep Miko’s World fresh all the time.

Visit www.mikosworld.com

October 7, 2013