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Possible Steps

The Outline Plan of Work organises the process of managing, and designing building projects and administering building contracts into a number of key Work Stages. The sequence or content of Work Stages may vary or they may overlap to suit the procurement method.







Appraisal & Design Brief
  • Identification of client’s needs and objectives, questionnaire
  • Identification of possible constraints on development
  • Prepeparation and assessment of feasibility studies and development options
  • Development of client requirements into Design Brief + programme of requirements
  • Identification of procurement method, organisational structure, range of consultants and phased offer
  • Preliminary feasbility calculation based on questionnaire including general description





















Concept Design
  • Site visit specalist consultants
  • Site / building survey (foundations, measurements, etc.)
  • As built AutoCAD drawings (in case of existing building)
  • Experience concept design (masterplan); story / Attraction selection / Concept positioning attractions / Guests’ experience description
  • IP License & Franchise agreement
  • Preliminary architectural concept design + concept integration of services and layout plans drawn in AutoCAD
  • Preliminary 3D artist impresssions and optional animations
  • C+S: Preliminary sketches of structural design & physical requirements, insulation values, etc.
  • MEP: Preliminary sketches of building services systems and climate conditions
  • Environmental analysis / sustainability
  • Traffic analysis
  • Preliminary snow & ice production calculations and power & water supply requirements
  • Preliminary local cost plan
  • General feasability including extensive parameters, preliminary operations forecast, investment estimate, IRR calculation
  • BREEAM (Environmental Assessment Method)
  • Project management




























Design Development / Schematic Design
  • Development of concept design to include structural and building services systems + planning application submission if appropriate
  • Design development of technical installations for costing purposes and budget
  • Preliminary design & theming: defining space and budget
  • Preliminary attraction layout
  • Preliminary scenery design
  • Preliminary projection design
  • Preliminary lighting design
  • Preliminary audio design
  • Preliminary special effects design
  • Preliminary digital signage design
  • Preliminary show control design
  • Architectural design development
  • IP Reviews
  • Sourcing of attractions and equipment
  • Revised cost plan / survey of quantities
  • C&S report & sketches to include loads, variations, options for costing & production final scheme
  • MEP report & sketches to include basic system descriptions & specifications: mechanical, ventilation, air distribution, electrical
  • Environmental analysis / sustainability
  • Accoustics
  • CDM (Construction Development Management act – healthy & safety)
  • Fire strategy
  • Logo and character design
  • Project management































Technical Design / Detailed Design
  • Building: Detailed architectural drawings, material and finishes list + building regulations submission, if appropriate
  • Rides: Detail design + material and finishes list
  • Facilities: Reception, rental, F&B and circulation areas interior design, detail design + material and finishes list
  • Engineering of technical installations, working drawings, details, materials, machine room layout, final budget
  • Detailed design & theming: Defining safety, operational and maintenance conditions
  • Detailed scenery design – Detailed projection design – Detailed special effects design – Detailed audio design – Detailed lighting design – Detailed digital signing design – Show control brand selection – Detailed show control design.
  • Detailed scenery design Autocad drawings
  • Detailed design snow & ice area including optional Revit model
  • IP Reviews
  • Revised cost plan / survey of quatities
  • C&S work packages: detail design, key details, spatial coordination
  • MEP work packages: spatially coordinated schematic layouts with key details and invert positions
  • Environmental analysis / sustainability
  • Envelope
  • Accoustics
  • CDM (Construction Development Management act – health & safety)
  • Fire strategy
  • Final artist impressions and optional animations and optional model
  • Merchandising design
  • Project Management









Information Required for Tender Action
  • Architectural drawing, schedules, specification of materials and workmanship required for Tender purposes
  • MEP schedules, specifications
  • C+S schedules, specifications
  • Final cost plan / survey of quantities
  • Materials list
  • Final investment estimate incl. supplier details
  • Other consultants & any required changes
  • Project management
Tender Action
  • Preparation of Tender documentation
  • Identification of potential contractors or specialist subcontractors
  • Appraising tenders / making recommendations to the client















  • Building implementation to practical completion. Administration of building contract; issuing of information to the contractor, reviewing information provided by contractor and specialists
  • Interior and rides / attractions implementation to practical completion
  • Contract and cost control
  • Shopdrawings, production drawings
  • Machine room installations
  • Theming & furnishing incl. light, AV, effects
  • Rides & attractions
  • General systems and equipment
  • Merchandising and rental & personnel clothing
  • Handling suppliers
  • SUpplier supervisors for on site installation
  • Show control, testing & programming
  • Descriptions & procedures start-up machine room
  • Certifications
  • Project management incl. on site










Post practical Completion
  • Administrating contract after Practical Completion and making final inspections
  • Assisting operator during initial occupation period
  • Review of project performance during use
  • BREEAM – EPC (Energy Performance Certificate)
  • Maintenance & operational manuals (free of charge if part of franchise)
  • Expat staff sourcing fees as percentage of salaries
  • Training technical installations
  • Training operations
  • Possible management agreement
  • Possible ongoing franchise